Meanwhile, at the Commonwealth Games
(where, to no one’s surprise, the Queen continues to be awesome)

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Luiz Suarez first match for Barcelona will be against Real Madrid.

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Dont judge him, Mathieu is the first Cb we signed since Gerard Piqué


We are high

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Sara Carbonero with her son Martin Casillas.

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Anonymous asked: how do u get along with your bf when its el classico

oh my boyfriend is a gooner.. my ex was a madridista and clasicos were HELL

The truth is I am very happy to have been in this group with Xavi and Puyol as well as Victor Valdes. Experiences that you live together, not just football but at personal level, make you a better person and better player.

Andres Iniesta

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lol at our signings this season. A transfer to forget. Zubizarreta a failure as always. what is going on with this club? like seriously do you wanna compete against cristiano ronaldo, james rodriguez, bale, benzema?? with that???!? what are we doing man



20M for mathieu? we are not a team we are a joke

Who cares! WE FINALLY HAVE A PROPER CB (then we’ll realize the fck we did).

I CARE. I fucking care because i waited a long ass time for this fiasco

20M for mathieu? we are not a team we are a joke

Anonymous asked: never mind gurl, this is my fault! u r really good girl and yeah im bad one!

oh shush don’t say that. You apologized first. That makes you the bigger person here. We were both rude. 

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Lia 😈💋😭

looooool 😂😂

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Anonymous asked: ok that's enough! i apologize for my bad words , u dont deserve it i know! but u made me mad so i just said these bad words, forgive me

What did I say though? 

Yeah let’s not fight. I apologize too. *hug*

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