Tumblr info challenge

Full Name: Ana María
Siblings: a younger sister.. Susana
Date of Birth: June 27th, 1991
Place of Birth: Medellin
Nicknames: ania and ani
Likes: Football, bitching about politics, tennis, cooking, reading about history
Dislikes: communism, socialism, fucking real madrid and anything that has to do with it specially pepe, fruits.. Any kind of fruit ew
Fears: The thought of eternity, death, needles, blood jebus I can’t see blood
Tattoos: remember I hate needles
Piercings: REMEMBER
Status: IARS
Since When: 1 month
Engaged|Married: No. probably won’t be i have commitment issues
Kids: nope
Do You Want to Have Kids: nope
What Would Their Names Be: I’m not mom material
Occupation: nothing really
Sexual Orientation: Straight 
Smokes/Drinks/Drugs: nah

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